to listen, not to preserve

upcoming april 2020; a group exhibition with; archie barry, kevin diallo, debris facility pty ltd., snack syndicate, shivanjani lal, jess gall; curated by isabella hone-saunders & sebastian henry-jones at BLINDSIDE

While popularly understood as an unproductive space, we wish to demonstrate anonymous positions as dynamic and occupied by many. In considering the relationship of this location to power, a central question of the show is that of image production, value, and the efficacy of pictures in truth-telling processes. We hope to touch upon ideas of surveillance, representation, and the influence of technology in these. Such an undertaking requires a sensitivity to the nuances and history of display, and recognise opaqueness as a useful strategy for preserving meaning. Inaudibility can be a powerful quality when art is so often an arena for giving and interpreting evidence: when the expression is politics or pain, there is power in withholding information, dignity in silence and value in avoiding translation. With this is mind, we wish to take time thinking about the exhibition format for how it regulates modes of voyeurism, testimony and witnessing, spectacle and categorisation.

Who inhabits the anonymous space and how is it maintained?
How does power reside in this space?
How is anonymity normalised?
How are new technologies changing this space?
How does this space re-imagine our reality?
Which voices are not heard in arenas in the arts, politics, in mainstream news and media, from places of knowledge and institutional power?
How can we maintain autonomy and anonymity in our currently surveilled society?

generously supported by CREATE NSW.