neue pinakothek


Neue Pinakothek was a one-night arts festival in the 2015 Adelaide Fringe, Tarndanya (Adelaide).


Neue Pinakothek was developed from an interest in live performance and collaboration. The festival became a platform for artistic experimentation. Neue Pinakothek sought an active audience that who were willing to engage and interact with the artists and their work. The participating artists were a diverse collective of emerging visual artists, dancers and musicians from Adelaide and Sydney. Together with curator, Bella Hone-Saunders the artists and guests facilitated an energetic and creative ephemeral evening.

Participating artists:

Lauren Abineri
Audrey Ahmer
Ty Alexander
David Blumberg
Brad Cameron
Declan Casley-Smith
Parashar Das
Harriet Fraser-Barbour
Daniel Heath
Bella Hone-Saunders
Antoine Jelk
Zeno Kordov
Thomas Martin
Sophia Nuske
Riley O’keefe
Jarred Pruis
Nick Rix
Annabel Saies
Ben Sargent
Adrian Schmidt-Mumm
Kaspar Schmidt-Mumm
Angela Schilling
Henry Stentiford
Ashleigh White
Kerri Wright

Support video for Neue Pinakothek, Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2015.


Poster design, Alice Lindstrom.