details for solo exhibition at firstdraft, june 2019:

link to FavourEconomy audio contribution. Vol. 4 2018-19:

link to exhibition details of ‘A sinking feeling (the politics of risk)’ at BlakDot Gallery, 2018:

review of Presence’ at BLINDSIDE on ‘smart arts’ three triple r radio, August 2018:

review of Presence’ at BLINDSIDE in ‘the city journal’ by Blythe Allan, 2018:

details of ‘Presence’ a group exhibition at BLINDSIDE August/ September 2018:

details of past exhibition at Trocadero Art Space:

review of ‘WHO SPEAKS FOR A COMMUNITY?’ curated by Bella Hone-Saunders:

FELTdark street cinema:

review of Kryptos, Brigita Ozolins written by Bella Hone-Saunders for fineprint magazine: