“gains”, “sets” and “reps”…

“gains”, “sets” and “reps” … (between body-building and body-language), 2018.

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INSTALL IMAGES of “gains”, “sets” and “reps” (between body-language and body-building), 2018/ at BLINDSIDE, as a part of ‘Presence’ curated by brigid hansen and zoe bastin/ photo credit jess curry.
arnie2arnie3STILLS FROM “gains”, “sets” and “reps” … (between body-building and body-language), 2018, 4 MINUTES, 48 SECONDS.
This work began by examining the commonalities between ballet and bodybuilding.
(And it became a dedication to my membership at Doherty’s gym, Brunswick.)
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1975 publication ,‘Body Shaping for Women’, outlined exercises to “empower” women. This program became part of my common routine, five to six times per week for five weeks. I saw a personal trainer who translated Arnie’s program to a contemporary gym setting.


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